About the Party

The Democratic Party of Oregon promotes the election of Democratic candidates at every level across the state of Oregon with technical, financial and volunteer support. We provide opportunities for all Oregon Democrats to participate fully in our political process. The Democratic Party of Oregon supports local county Parties to make sure that every community can work to get Democratic Candidates elected.

DPO Officers

Frank Dixon Chair (503) 224-8200
Karen Packer First Vice-Chair (503) 628-3820
Wayne Kinney Second Vice-Chair (541) 977-5050
Tanya Shively Secretary (541) 929-6498
Lorna Hayden Treasurer (541) 733-1115
Laura Calvo Democratic National Committee Member
Lupita Maurer Democratic National Committee Member
Larry Taylor Democratic National Committee Member (971) 235-7164

DPO Staff

Brad Martin Executive Director (503) 239-8625
Cindy Moody Compliance Director (503) 239-8627
Don Fisher Technology Director (503) 239-8632
Andrew Gorry Marketing Director (503) 239-8634
Elise Downing Operations Director (503) 239-8623
Rachel Barnett Development Director (503) 239-8626
Ron Morgan Political Organizing Coordinator (503) 239-8628

Standing Committee Chairs

Larry Taylor Chair, Budget Committee (971) 235-7164
Carleen Reilly Chair, Credentials Committee (541) 689-8561
Gerritt Rosenthal Chair, Platform and Resolutions Committee (503) 638-9318
Wayne Kinney Chair, Rules Committee (541) 977-5050
Rick Hartwig Chair, State Fair and Local Events Committee (503) 480-9646

Congressional District Chairs

Mike Bohan Chair, 1st Congressional District Committee (503) 642-0898
Laurie Baden Chair, 2nd Congressional District Committee
Tim Rowan Chair, 3rd Congressional District Committee (503) 481-3058
Danon Kroessin Chair, 4th Congressional District Committee
Sam Sappington Chair, 5th Congressional District Committee (541) 928-7556

Bylaws & Standing Rules

Read the full bylaws and standing rules of the Democratic Party of Oregon.

Party resolutions

Platform & Priority Legislative Action Items

The Democratic Party of Oregon's 2014 Platform & Priority Legislative Action Items express the vision and goals of the Party.

The assembly of the 2014 Platform Convention considered a ballot of over two hundred action items before deciding on the final fourteen to be listed as Priority Legislative Action Items for the Party. See the ballot. (pdf)

Training Materials

Looking for training from DPO Data on Votebuilder, web site maintenance, or email blasting? See our training materials.

Precinct Committee Persons

Precinct Committee Persons are the most grassroots-level building block of the Democratic Party of Oregon.  They are an important driving force behind registering voters, getting out the word on candidates, and helping Democrats understand the party’s structure, process, and platform.  They are the people who go out, walk neighborhoods, and connect with and activate progressive Oregonians, talking to independent, unaffiliated, and Democratic voters alike.

Jobs & internships

Portland / Unpaid
Portland/Beaverton / Unpaid

Our National Party

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